Mauritius on the Grey List: One Year On

Since the FATF classified Mauritius as a “Jurisdiction under Increased Monitoring” in March 2020, the authorities have sought to address the highlighted discrepancies. Mauritius has made progress on a number of the recommended actions to improve technical compliance and effectiveness. This four-part series summarises the salient changes to the regulatory landscape in respect of financial services and the real estate sector.

Part 1 - Using the FSC Settlement Framework to Lower Regulatory Sanctions (25 February 2021)

Part 2 - 5 ways Mauritius enhanced its AML/CFT framework for financial services in the last year (16 March 2021)

Part 3 - Mauritius' Regulatory Approach to Real Estate Agents(24 March 2021)

Part 4 - Regulation of the Real Estate Sector - AML/CFT Framework (12 April 2021)